Earthquakes & Tsunami Hazard in the Mediterranean Area. 8-9 Juin 2013

International Meeting on Earthquakes & Tsunami Hazard in the Mediterranean Area, Algiers 8-9 June 2013, UDES, Bousmail, Tipasa, Algeria

 Meeting program

. The Algerian Network for Marine Sciences (Coastal Hazard and Risk Group) with the collaboration of the University of USTHB (FSTGAT) organize an International Meeting on Earthquakes & Tsunami Hazard in the Mediterranean Area, Algiers 8-9 June 2013, UDES, Bousmail, Tipasa, Algeria.

About the Meeting

The Mediterranean region is known as one of the most seismically active areas experiencing large and destructive events. Among large earthquakes with tsunamis recorded in this region are: the AD 365 Crete (Greece, Mw 8.1), AD 511 Beyrut (Lebanon, Mw 7.2), 1365 Algiers (Algeria, Mw 7.2), 1790 Oran (Algeria, Mw 7.0), 1856 Jijel (Algeria, Mw 7.0), 1908 Messina (Italy, Mw 7.1), 1912 Tekirdag (Turkey, Mw 7.4), 1954 Orléanville (Algeria, Ms 6.7), 1980 El Asnam (Algeria, Ms 7.3), and 2003 Zemmouri-Boumerdes (Algeria, Mw 6.8). Historical and recent studies with inland and marine
investigations recognize seismic sources (active faults) inshore and offshore, more often near large urban areas. These studies indicate that numerous countries around the Mediterranean are concerned by the tsunami hazard. The 2003 Zemmouri-Boumerdes earthquake that occurred a
few km east of the capital city of Algiers revealed that coastal seismic events may generate a tsunami and cause severe damage several km away from the seismic source (e.g., Balearic Islands).
The Algerian Network for Marine Sciences organizes a meeting on tsunami hazard on 8 and 9 June 2013. During this meeting we will celebrate the World Ocean Day and commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Zemmouri earthquake of May 21st 2003. This meeting is a forum where scientists from different countries especially those from Mediterranean area and different geoscience disciplines (oceanography, geology, geophysics, tectonics, seismology and physics of the Earth) can meet and discuss the generation and propagation of tsunamis. Scientists are welcome to present their research and inform the decision makers about the hazard and risk that tsunamis can generate in the Mediterranean coastal areas.

The scientific program of the meeting will focus on the following four topics that emphasize multidisciplinary studies of tsunami hazard phenomena:


  • Seismotectonics and geodynamics in the Mediterranean region
  • Tsunamigenic sources and recurrence interval of catastrophic events
  • Tsunami propagation and waves modeling
  • Tsunami mitigation and warning system


Honorary Chairman : Hafid Aourag (DGRSDT)
Executive Chairman : Mustapha Meghraoui (University of Strasbourg)


Steering and organizing committee:
Mokhtar Guerfi (DGRSDT)
Yacine Hemdane (ENSSMAL)
Abdelhakim Ayadi (CRAAG)
Said Maouche (CRAAG)
Aziouz Ouabadi (FSTGAT, USTHB)
Nachida Kesbadji (UDES)

Assia Harbi (CRAAG, Algiers)
Mourad Bezzeghoud (University of Evora)
SHFN: Naval Forces Hydrographic Service.
Lakhdari Boudjema (Ministry of Public Works, Algeria)
Nadia Hocini (COMENA)
Mustapha Hellel (ENSSMAL)
Rabah Belkessa (ENSSMAL)
Hamid Belkessam (RECIFS)
Bachir Hamadache (ONM)
Nasr-Eddine Taibi (Université de Mostaganem)
Mourad Hassissène (Université de Béjaia)
Mohamed Bouhamadouche (USTHB)
Farid Atroune (USTHB)
Makhlouf Boutiba (USTHB)
Djamel Machane (CGS)
Yacine Djediet (USTHB)

Lazreg Benslama (USTHB)


Scientific committee:
Abdelkrim Aoudia (ICTP, Trieste)
Abdelhakim Ayadi (CRAAG, Algiers)
Farid Atroune (USTHB, Algiers)
Maria Ana Viana Baptista (IPMA, Lisbonne)
Mourad Bezzeghoud (University of Evora)
Mohamed Bouhamadouche (USTHB, Algiers)
Roger Bilham (CIRES, Colorado)
Rabah Belkessa (ENSSMAL, Algiers)
Makhlouf Boutiba (USTHB, Algiers)
Miquel Canals (University of Barcelona)
Catherine Dorbath (Université de Strasbourg)
Fawzi Doumaz (INGV Rome)
Rui-Manuel Fernandes (University Beira Interior, Covilha)
Mokhtar Guerfi (DGRSDT, Algiers)
Mauricio Gonzalez (University of Cantabria)
Assia Harbi (CRAAG, Algiers)
Yacine Hemdane (ENSSMAL, Algiers)
Nadia Hocini (COMENA, Algiers)
Youcef Bouhadad (CGS, Algiers)
Said Maouche (CRAAG, Algiers)
Mustapha Meghraoui (Université de Strasbourg)
Christophe Morhange (CEREGE, Marseille)
Ahmed Nedjari (USTHB, Algiers)
Emile Okal (Northwestern University, Illinois)
Robert Reilinger (MIT, Boston)
Stathis Stiros (University of Patras)
Rachid Semroud (ENSSMAL, RASMER, Algiers)
Nasr-Eddine Taibi (Université de Mostaganem)
Stefano Tinti (Bologna University)
Ahmet Yalciner (METU, Ankara)


Location and Venue

The meeting will take place at the “ Unité de Développement des Equipements Solaires “ (UDES), ~40 km west of Algiers. All participants will stay at the Hotel Safir Mazafran ( close to UDES and near
Zeralda (beach site) located ~30km west of Algiers.